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About King Shadrock

"Music is my passion and my life."

King Shadrock, one of the greatest reggae artists alive, has accumulated notoriety over the last decades due to the fact he is living his music instead of singing it, because he stayed conscious throughout the time and also because he kept to his cultural and musical roots.

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Living music rather than singing means that the source of inspiration for the lyrics and for the music is real life; whether we’re referring to King Shadrock life, or people’s around him. Life struggle, life hardship, street-life but on the opposite side, life’s success recognition and achievements are the central focus and inspiration for his musical message to the masses. Staying conscious means staying close to the people from whom he learned and with  whom he grew up. Rather than using explicit lyrics, or promoting slang-gang-gun culture, King Shadrock is singing about education, staying healthy, making a difference in other’s lives. No mother or father should worry about playing King Shadrock music with children around, on the opposite, King Shadrock music is conceived with a message for people of all ages, specifically young teenagers.

With his voice and his music, King Shadrock is fighting to teach people how to respect themselves and become better people - not only for themselves, but also for their families and for those around them. The constant message behind his voice and music is teaching people how to avoid loosing themselves in a subculture of hurting themselves and those around them. Keeping to his cultural roots is a concept that keeps music clean, where the artist is using his own voice to communicate a message , rather than computer assisted voice or computer generated sounds. Whenever you hear King Shadrock - you hear a human voice; you hear the passion of a message, you hear someone who overcame life struggle and now he is intensely and passionately sharing his real-life and street-life skills. In King Shadrock’s voice you also hear the history of Caribbean islands - past generations of grand gran’ fathers and mothers are screaming howling and roaring a message through time - a message of good life and happiness from a tumultuous past, straight into your ears! - today.

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